Different Types Of Doors

It is a no brainer that each and every house hold needs a door. There are so many different types of doors that an individual can choose from for his or her house. It all depends on how the house is designed and the house owner is looking at. Let us go through a few doors that I found interesting.

Framed and paneled doors

This is the most common door that most households have. It has a frame like border made out of wood and panels of timber on side of the frame. The panels are open to any type decoration so the door can thought of as a very adaptable decorative door. The panels can also be made of glass as well. The same design can be made in metal frames and glass panels as well.

Flush doors

A flush door is one huge smooth door. There are no panels on it just one huge board as the door. It is very light as the inside of the door is mainly hollow. This is normally made of plywood. This type door is most used for interior doors and if this is used for wet rooms like the wash room the inner side of the door should be protected from water or else it will quickly deteriorate. 

Steel doors

Steel doors have been from the past a great substitute for wood. They are strong and good both inside and outside use. Frames of steel is made with a mix of glass to give a touch class and beauty to the door. The more important fact about steel frame is it gives a sense of security. Most house to increase the security of the house the add two doors one of which will be the doors I mentioned above and then a steel frame with a good lock so that breaking in to the house will not be easy. Going for an extra security there are many security door price in Melbourne at affordable rates.

Metal clad doors are another security option for your special rooms or even your offices.

Glass doors

The glass door is usually used as a decorative door which is why it is mostly used at either as a back door or front door. Having it as a back door gives a good view of the backyard. You will have to be cautious about having it as your front door from not giving away your privacy. This door is quite heavy compared to the previous doors I mentioned. It being glass is a little expensive but are equally beautiful.

Always make sure that the material the door is made out of is good wood or else you find your door worn out in no time. Also make sure the doors suits the interior design of the house as well.