Maintaining Upholstered And Leather Furniture Of Your Home



This is the age of style, modernity, comfort and luxury. All of us desire to have a well-designed and well-decorated home. To meet the need of interior decoration, use of upholstered furniture is on rise.

These upholstered furniture pieces have their unique appeal. However, they need proper maintenance to stay in good condition for long and retain their shine. These furniture pieces offer lots of cushion with foam and it is always confined in fabrics or leather. But they need proper cleaning, and professional upholstery cleaning is the best bet here.

Dust and dirt forms a layer like of sandpaper on the furniture fabrics or leather. So, for keeping the furniture look new and attractive you have to focus on its cleaning schedule. Along with hiring the quality services, like upholstery cleaning, you can also take some DIY measures to keep them clean and shiny.

Fabric protection:

The best form to protect fabric is by keeping keen attention to its spills and stains. Some types of mildew inhibitors are used or you can just spray protector coating. It also prevents from spills and stains at store or at home. This helps for maintaining and caring from spills and it gets absorbed in upholstery fibers. While applying fabric protection yourself, read the instructions and safety procedures carefully. It’s an essential duty to clean up any spills or strains in a timely manner.

Turn over the cushions:

We can extend our upholstered furniture’s life by turning over the loose cushions in regular interval. We can take care of cushions just by flapping them after cleaning it. This helps to maintain its shape. Also, we should change the position of cushions periodically so that all seats are used equally.

Do Vacuum:

It’s essential to vacuum your upholstered furniture pieces weekly for general cleaning and to remove dust and dirt. It protects the fibers to get dirty. We can also use soft bristle to gently broom off the dirt away.

Avoid sunlight and pollutions:

Leather furniture pieces are very sensitive to sunlight; it may damage the fabric and make it fade and fray. Furniture should be set in the manner that it should not be exposed to sun for long time. Pollutions can also harm in many ways, as smoke can harm the fabric or the fabric may absorb the odor as upholstered furniture easily absorbs odour. The easy way to avoid all this is to have proper ventilation.

Slip covers:

In summer days, slip covers are very crucial parts of the upholstered furniture as these protect the furniture in the warm season from sun, oil, sweat and the different summer hazards.