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Smart Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen often needs renovation. Cooking is an everyday job. This makes the task boring and mundane, unless you are a super passionate chef. Cooking food regularly in the same old kitchen becomes monotonous. Reinventing your kitchen is a great way to get rid of the daily monotony of kitchen.

With a few simple kitchen renovation tips, you can turn your cooking to be a great experience.


The first renovation idea would be your plumbing. Kitchen renovation starts with plumbing. Get in touch with skilled and experienced plumbing contractors who would be efficient in clearing and correcting the pipelines and drainage system. They would be inserting a drain camera to find out if it is overflowing or if there any potentiality for overflow.

Also, drain camera would help to repair or clean the blocked drains or clogging. With regular usage, kitchen drains often gets clogged leading to overflowing. Hence, this is the first step to start kitchen renovation.

Kitchen layouts

This would be the second step to reinvent the type and space of your kitchen. The most popular kitchen layout is L-shaped kitchen. There are actually a number of kitchen layouts like U-shaped, dual –shaped, parallel displays, etc. Stay back, visualise the best design and upgrade your kitchen accordingly. While designing, you would also need to determine the location of your appliances, stove, fridge, oven and microwave. Also, plan where to install your sink while designing the kitchen layout.

The sink

It is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen renovation plan. Based on your plumbing, you have to determine where you want your sink to be. It should be located where you can get uninterrupted drainage system. Measure all specifications so that you can purchase the correct sized sink for your kitchen. The ones with dual basins are most popular because of their functionality. Also, decide where to place the dish washer while implementing kitchen renovating ideas.


They occupy a larger portion of your kitchen. So, select the style and colour that matches best with the rest of the setting. The colour and design must match the cabinetry, wall colours and floor. You can choose counter tops made of solid surface, laminate, stone, granite, etc.


A great kitchen provides ample of space for storing pans, glasses, dishes, cooking devices, etc. Right design allows maximum space for mounting the cabinetry. They vary in size depending on where they are mounted. You can mount smaller cabinets on top of your fridge. The end result would be practical, functional and elegant.